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Spin Banner Bling

If you ever need to work with the Fedora Spins SIG on a project, you’re in for a treat because they’ve totally got it together and it’s really easy to work with them. 🙂 My task was to gather some content for each spin’s page for the new design, and typically in these sorts … Continue reading

Unpackaged Open Font of the Week: Bola

“Bola” means ball in Spanish, and it’s a pretty accurate name considering the ball-shaped letters of Bola, a chunky and geometric decorative font useful for headlines and other creative treatments. The font was created by Pablo Caro, who is the same creator of last week’s font, Tiza. It supports many accent marks in addition to … Continue reading

Fedora 12’s default wallpaper

We took your feedback into account, had another IRC sprint session and came up with something we’re all pretty happy with: 2048 x 1536, single-screen 2048 x 1536, dual-screen Super-special thanks go to Rex Dieter, Martin Sourada, and Ian Weller for getting these packaged on time and helping out! The artwork was inspired by the … Continue reading

F12 Wallpaper Sprinting

UPDATE: The links to the full-size images were actually linking to smaller thumbnails; I updated these where I could so they point to the full 2048×1536 wallpapers. I've been working with Jon McCann, Charlie Brej, Nicu Buculei, Jeremy Perry, María Leandro, and Ian Weller's help and critique the past few days on trying to come … Continue reading

Unpackaged Open Font of the Week: Tiza

Tiza is a bold, chalkily-distressed Western-style slab font useful for headlines and other creative treatments. The font was created by Pablo Caro. It supports many accent marks in addition to the base ASCII set of characters. As Pablo notes on the Tiza page, this font was actually used as a design element for the 2008 … Continue reading

Open Source, Portable Usability Testing Lab: Part 2 – The Parts

The last time I posted on Fedora’s portable usability testing lab, I talked about the video files it outputs and how Ray Strode helped me write a gstreamer pipeline to construct the videos into a quad-screen video. (Ray has sinced worked out a much more efficient pipeline, and created a git repository on to … Continue reading

GTK Font Selector UI update round 1

I met with Alberto Ruiz at the recent GNOME Summit in Boston, and we talked a bit about making some improvements to the GTK font chooser dialog. He had a cool prototype he shared with me and wanted to try to iterate to a good design trying a usability-based approach. (Yay! 🙂 ) I promised … Continue reading

Unpackaged Open Font of the Week: Anonymous Pro

Anonymous Pro is a sans-serif monospaced font intended for use by programmers and in terminal applications. The character design takes special care to differentiate between commonly-confused characters such as O, 0, I, l, 1, ,, ., and so on. The font was created by Mark Simonson based off of some of his earlier work and … Continue reading

A modest proposal

It does sometimes seem that *some* folks think the free & open source community is a fun frat party where it’s cool to joke about ejaculation and picking up ‘girls.’ Not just at the pub with your friends – at a professional conference, as part of a keynote no less (video.) If women^Wgirls can’t deal … Continue reading

Spin Blingification Continues

Don’t forget to send me info for your spin! 🙂