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Charline’s Icon Usability Study

On Friday at the GNOME London UX Hackfest, Charline from Canonical gave us some details on an icon usability study she had run recently for the Launchpad icon set. Here’s my notes from the session: Methodology The study was done as a survey. The study was for Launchpad, so a link to the survey … Continue reading

The one where the designers ask for a pony

One of the topics Garrett made sure to bring up at the GNOME London UX Hackfest was how us designers could continue to collaborate after the hackfest was over. This has been a recurring issue, as us designers meet every year or so, at GUADEC, at UX hackfests, or at GNOME Boston Summits (or even … Continue reading

Adding Chapters to Totem

Ivanka and I had a great discussion on Monday at the GNOME London UX Hackfest about how what free & open source tools / integration we need for a good FLOSS usability data capture workflow. While I still have to document them properly, you can get a sneak peek at our notes from this discussion … Continue reading

Happy Blog vs. Misery Blog

This is how I’m used to blog posting and receiving comments on said posts operating, for the most part: This is how I feel like my blog has been working out lately: I don’t think I can be as diligent in responding to comments to my blog anymore. It’s making me feel really unhappy and … Continue reading

Charline’s Empathy Usability Report

This morning Charline from Canonical presented a report on an empathy usability test she’s completed. These are rough notes split into topics: Usability reports in general There was some discussion of the usage of user quotes in usability reports and their utility Audiences for test: People who report bugs, developers Some confusion over how testing … Continue reading

Misc. Notes from GNOME UX Hackfest, Tuesday

Here’s just a quick summary of notes from the discussions I was in yesterday at the GNOME London UX Hackfest: OSD & Panel Icons Yesterday jimmac and hbons worked on Moblin icons, with the idea we could use the style for GNOME OSD (on-screen display, e.g., when you change your system volume, the big speaker … Continue reading

GNOME Vision Brainstorm

This is just a brainstorm, no hard and fast rules being set here. A bunch of the designers here at the GNOME London UX Hackfest got together yesterday to talk about Nautilus, and after talking about Nautilus those of us left had a bit of bigger-picture view discussion (mostly Garrett and I at the whiteboard … Continue reading

GNOME UX Hackfest Photos

I’m posting my photos of the GNOME UX Hackfest on Flickr so check them out. I’m putting the tag ‘gnome-ux-hackfest’ on them.

Painless accessibility tips for GNOME designers and developers

This morning at the GNOME 3 UX Hackfest in London, Willie Walker gave us some tips for ‘painless’ accessibility. First he reviewed the three main types of access users need us to support: 1: Some people can’t use the keyboard These users use devices such as: head tracking eye tracking switch-based access (they press buttons … Continue reading

GNOME Shell Usability Test Plan

The need to test GNOME Shell For the past couple of weeks I’ve been working with Jon McCann, Jeremy Perry, and Owen Taylor on developing a usability testing plan for GNOME Shell. It’s a work-in-progress, and I wanted to make a quick posting about the effort and where it’s going. Now as you may have … Continue reading