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Package Maintainers! I want to make your life easier

This week I’ve been cranking out mockups for the Fedora Community Project (read the recent fedora-announce-list announcement, or view the Moksha presentation given earlier this month at FUDcon 11). The mockups I’ve been working on this week have focused around the metadata and tabs surrounding one particular package. I used nautilus as an example in … Continue reading

What wallpaper are you using right now?

Show me your desktop. What wallpaper are you using right now?

Fedora 11 Artwork – Process starting now!

Sextant by mcost on Flickr, CC-BY 2.0 Greek Trireme from the U.S. Air Force Air War College, Public Domain We’re just ramping up on the Fedora 11 artwork process. You may be familiar with our previous 3-rounds process, where artists would come up with different ideas and ‘compete’, and by the end the last theme … Continue reading

FUDcon Shirts

I forgot to post my pictures of the FUDcon shirts. They came out great. Andreas gave us the idea of having a tag cloud to illustrate the shirt, and Charlie Brej wrote us a tool to generate the tag clouds from the FUDcon and Fedora logos. Also, because of popular demand, they are black instead … Continue reading


It seems like folks had a great time at Flattop Johnny’s. As you can see above, we had some great ideas for Fedora sticker photo poses. 🙂 Pool was played: Moonwalking too: Word!: And of course, there were drinks…: Some people had *TOO* good a time. I guess not everyone can hold their Fedora:

FUDcon Day 2 and Fedora Book Portraits

Organizing the Schedule for the Day: Portraits for the Fedora Book: All the various sets for FUDcon I’m storing here in this collection: FUDCon Boston Jan 2009

FUDcon Day 1 Photos

I’ll update as I can throughout the day.

Chatty Applications

Sometimes it happens via dialog, sometimes it happens via notification bubble, but either way my computer can be quite chatty. I’m wondering if there are any guidelines for designing programs to be good citizens in their chattiness. Some questions that I have that maybe could be used to come up with a set of guidelines … Continue reading