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Spacewalk: Multiorg Take 2

Well, it certainly feels strange to be blogging about this after being unable to talk publicly about the design work I’ve done for Satellite as I was working on it since it was closed-source for so long. Despite this strange feeling, I want to blog about some of the stuff I worked on this week … Continue reading

Dare I ask for more?

Okay. So I’m really excited there is an free & open source alternative to twitter. Dare I ask if there is a free & open source alternative to Remember the Milk? It’s a neat web app that lets you track your todo lists and it has a really rich api that lets you do cool … Continue reading

FAS mockup

I played around with FAS today while associating my FPO OpenID with my new (FOSS web micro-blogging service; it’s like twitter but Free) and noticed (again) that it uses an old visual design. I played around for a while making a mockup of how it could be revamped to match the rest of the … Continue reading