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Getting Fedora Survey Result Discussion

Hey, so I’ve been pondering the results of the ‘getting Fedora’ survey that I compiled last night. Here’s what I’ve been thinking about and some of my ideas. Please share your own and let me know if I’m off-base with any of my ideas 🙂 The vast majority of survey respondents came from planet.fpo and … Continue reading

Getting Fedora Survey Results

Some caveats: Many respondents gave multiple answers to questions. I counted every answer – I did not limit each respondent to one answer. Maybe this means using pie charts is bogus (I’m open for other recommendations!) But consider that the percentages are percentages of the total responses, which is greater than the number of total … Continue reading

Open Source, Portable Usability Testing Lab: Part 1

Note: The pipeline in this post is horribly inefficient and lacks audio. Please see Ray Strode’s blogpost on usability video pipelines to obtain a much improved version of the pipeline in this blog post. Thanks to all the folks who responded so quickly to help out on my last blog post! Because of your help, … Continue reading

AVF files… sigh

So I got this video here: It has a friend: I installed the whole triumvirate of codecs including the naughties – gstreamer-plugins-good, gstreamer-plugins-bad, gstreamer-plugins-ugly. I also installed mplayer and vlc. Mplayer and VLC can play it. Gstreamer can’t. It says it’s DIVX. any ideas?

How Do You Get Fedora?

This is an informal survey, depending on the results I may or may not set up a more formal survey. Question A: Why and when do you download Fedora? First off, why and when do you download Fedora? Some suggestions: A new Fedora release comes out and you want a copy (release trigger.) You’ve obtained … Continue reading

Anaconda & Advanced Storage Devices

At FUDcon Berlin I started working on mockups to improve Anaconda’s UI with respect to advanced storage devices. E.g., fibre channel, iSCSI, multipath storage devices, etc. etc. etc. – storage devices beyond simple hard drives in your laptop or in your desktop system case. Right now there are a few concerns for working with these … Continue reading

Fedora Spins Site Idea

Just an idea for a front page of a spins site. Still a work in progress, I have to work on a few things like: nicer ‘did you really mean to download the main Fedora download?’ notice in the upper right download buttons are still buggin’ me, and most of these are going to be … Continue reading

Fedora Website Design Ideas

While stickster was in the Boston area this week, we collaborated on some new design ideas for and for What do you think? I’ll give you a run-down of the front page design: Tour Widget This is a very simplistic design but the basic idea is you have a scrollbox of screenshots you … Continue reading

Help us Brainstorm to make Fedora Community better!

UPDATED: Thanks to everybody who attended the brainstorm; we got a lot of great ideas! Check out the IRC log and our notes from the meeting. We’re going to have an open brainstorming session on where Fedora Community could go in the future. If you’ve got cool ideas you’d like to suggest or if you’d … Continue reading