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Another Shameless Font Packaging Request

You know you want to package Beteckna Fonts for Fedora, right? You know you want to be or want to enable the next Barbara Kruger but in a totally free software / free-license way, right? Do the right thing. Package Beteckna today! — Cat photo from “Amakum-olan Mills” by rogerimp on Flickr under a Creative … Continue reading

more solar wallpaper updates coming

I made some fixes and changes to add more polish to the Solar wallpapers for F10 yesterday. Thanks to Martin Sourada for doing all the packaging work; they should be landing soon. I think it’s important to file bugs on anything you see in the artwork that doesn’t look quite right so the art team … Continue reading

New Openly-Licensed font: Rufscript

My friend Hiran Venugopalan, a very talented designer whom I met at last December, has just released a new GPL 3 font-exception licensed font called Rufscript. It’s a handwriting font that would be really useful for comic strips and maybe labeling photos for a scrapbook. What I really love about this font (besides how … Continue reading

Hello Kitty online beta!

I totally just scored a beta key for Hello Kitty Online. I hope the client bits will work in wine. I’ll find out tonight I guess 🙂

Deviant Art doesn’t understand what public domain means?

Your deviation Pirate Brushes… Yarrr was reported for Art theft or No Permission. The report was reviewed by a member of the Staff and action was taken, deleting the deviation and marking the report as Resolved. The administrator who deleted your deviation added the following: Deleted due to Copyright Violation The work(s) listed below have … Continue reading

shameless cry for help

Dear lazyweb, does anyone have packages of Gimp 2.6 built for Fedora 9? p.s. you need gegl, gegl-devel, babl, and babl-devel from rawhide. yum-builddep provides all the rest. Also had to add a fake g_dgettext() to the main.c, but then it builds fine. not sure what the g_dgettext issue is all about.