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Christmas in March!

Been receiving some bling for SXSW; free software promotional materials produced using free software! 🙂

Using Inkscape to Create Patch Artwork

My friend Shannon is involved in a Cub Scout pack and had asked me a while back if I had any interest in designing cub scout patches for their upcoming pinewood derby event (he is the event master) using Inkscape. I am always up for seeing what cool things can be made with Inkscape; Shannon … Continue reading

Girl Scouts’ Digital Media Class, Day 1 & Day 2

This evening I taught the second class session of a 9-week program to teach ~14-year old Girl Scouts how to work with digital media using free software tools. Our first class was last Friday. The classes are two-hours long, on Friday nights (these girls are dedicated!), on a weekly basis. The Plan So you may … Continue reading

Creating UI Mockups in Inkscape Video Tutorial

Tonight I received an email from Eduardo Villagrán Morales, a Fedora ambassador from Chile. He wrote, I read your post “Some http://www.fpo header mockups.” I want know what tools you use to create mockups. As I told Eduardo, I use Inkscape running on Fedora as my primary mockup tool, with some help from Gimp for … Continue reading

Talking about Inkscape, in Leeds UK, from Boston USA, via Empathy.

Last Thursday, at the invitation of Rob Martin from the North East Leeds City Learning Centre in Leeds UK, I gave a talk about the Inkscape class I worked on as part of a Red Hat outreach program earlier this year. The occasion was the National City Learning Centres Conference 2010, which very excitingly had … Continue reading