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Werewolf countdown?

Just an idea, using a cool Inkscape/SVG trick AndyFitz taught at LGM last May 🙂 — update: wrote some python to do the updating, just not sure how to proceed now.

git-ty up

two helpful git links from two of my homies, thanks guys, these will help as i start using git more:

Translating Japanese

Don’t understand Japanese but want to get a rough translation? Jim Breen’s WWWJDIC is the best place to do this. Copy and paste the Japanese text into his translation tool (translate words in Japanese text). I usually use babelfish for translations but I know they don’t do Japanese; Jim Breen’s site is one of those … Continue reading


Lennart、 英語で書かなかったブログを書いてもいいだろうと思います。読めなくてもいいですね。 (I think it should be okay to write posts that aren’t in English.You don’t have to read them.)

FUDcon logos – final round

Okay, let’s finish up and get our official FUDcon logo! Here’s what I think are the top 5 FUDcon logos that folks have submitted based on some of the feedback we’ve gotten on-list, on irc, and in my last blog post: This includes submissions from Francesco Fantoni (modified), Nicu Buculei, and some of my own … Continue reading

More Spins Stuff

I came up with a sketch to kind of explain what a spin is and decided to make it nice in Inkscape (still not quite finished yet but close): So here it is in the front page mockup: Also here’s what it will look like if you click “get it now!” for one of … Continue reading

Would you want to be Fedora?

We are looking to design a nice site for for people to learn about spins, find all the various official spins that are available, and download said spins via torrent links. I came up with a mockup with lame placeholder stock art and was wondering – Would anyone be willing to be the face … Continue reading