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5 Fun things in Fedora 12 (Video)

I recently got a Kodak zi8 video recorder. It works great in Fedora 12 so I was inspired to create a 15-minute video highlighting five fun things in Fedora 12. Here’s what those things are – but be sure to watch the video for more information 🙂 : #1 Cheese #2 Mana World #3 Miro … Continue reading

Unpackaged Open Font of the Week: Chemist

Chemist is a handwriting-style font. One idea of a treatment that would work well with this font is using it for blockquotes in a print layout. The font was created by Cathy Davies as a memorial to her late father. Fedora Font Wishlist Entry: Upstream Homepage: So, you want to package Chemist? Sweet! … Continue reading

Fedora Interaction Design Hackfest Summary

So we had a very productive interaction design hackfest today in #fedora-design: We interviewed folks from three of the defined stakeholders groups – Fedora Infrastructure, Fedora Spins, and Fedora Help Forums (myself and Ryan Lerch conducted these! Thanks to Toshio, Smooge, sdziallas, and nirik for letting us interview you!) We have two written summaries for … Continue reading

I know. I *know*.

I couldn’t help it. I’m a girl. I gotta work on the hair though… Done in Gimp 2.7.0 with a Wacom tablet on Fedora 12.

Want to learn design skills? Want to help Fedora? Fedora Interaction Design Hackfest, Tuesday 24 Nov

Hopefully my post title has captured your attention. 🙂 I would like to let you know about a project starting up right now that is a great opportunity for you to: Learn about how interaction design is done. Pick up some interaction design and user research skills. Get involved in an open design project. Help … Continue reading

New Fedora Spins site with Fedora 12

With the release of Fedora 12 we’ve given the a bit of a facelift. 🙂 (What did it look like before? Pre-facelift I wanted to tell the tale of this redesign to show how we did it, together as a community, and also to give kudos to the many folks who pitched in … Continue reading

Unpackaged Open Font of the Week: Chunk

Chunk is a fun slab serif decorative font that is useful for headlines and other creative treaments. The font was created by Meredith Mandel – check out Meredith’s Chunk type specimen poster for an idea of the type of treatments this font can shine in. Chunk is licensed under the Open Font License. Fedora Font … Continue reading

IT’S HERE!!!!!!


Gimp 2.7.0 x86_64 packages for Fedora 12

The lure of layer groups drove me to build F12 RPMs for Gimp 2.7.0 last night. However, I was not to get that new sparkly pink pony for my stable, as layer groups are not in 2.7.0. That being said, there’s still some interesting tweaks (one I noticed was brush filtering, another was a very … Continue reading

Fedora 12 One-Page Release Notes PDF

We’ve [1] been working on a set of one-page release notes for Fedora 12, and now that those are set I took some time today to put them into a single PDF file. However, there are 3 pages…! So, for your event, you might like to print out two sets of release notes: Page 1 … Continue reading