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Version-controlled, automagical backup and file sharing system with Sparkleshare and Fedora

Photo credit: ardenswayoflife on Flickr, used under a CC-BY-SA 2.0 license. The Burden of files Okay, there’s a lot of problems: Backing up your files is a pain in the butt. Every time you upgrade your system, either in-place or a fresh install, it is a royal hassle to restore your files. That file looks … Continue reading

Flyers About Free & Open Source Software for SXSW Creatives!

Emily and I are here in Austin, ready for our first day at SXSW. We have been very, very busy preparing materials for our free & open source software outreach to all of the awesome creative folks we can’t wait to meet here. Emily has put together some beautiful use case-centered tri-fold brochures she’s going … Continue reading

Christmas in March!

Been receiving some bling for SXSW; free software promotional materials produced using free software! 🙂

You must be this tall to ride: __

I believe that Fedora and Linux in general need to reach and inspire a wider set of users. Free software affords us so many benefits we should strive to share, but there’s still a formidable bar in technical skill required to realize those benefits. What can we do to help expand the reach of free … Continue reading

Talking about Inkscape, in Leeds UK, from Boston USA, via Empathy.

Last Thursday, at the invitation of Rob Martin from the North East Leeds City Learning Centre in Leeds UK, I gave a talk about the Inkscape class I worked on as part of a Red Hat outreach program earlier this year. The occasion was the National City Learning Centres Conference 2010, which very excitingly had … Continue reading