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The Codename for F12 has been Announced…

And it is:


Me and my crew arrived fashionably late to FUDpub. Whoops. Not much space left. Not even outside! Some enjoyed beers, some enjoyed fruitier options: I enjoyed a Bananenfruchtsaft, which is banana juice, but I also had vodka added to it There was tons of pizza, thankfully vegetarian options available yet again I’m not sure what … Continue reading

Creating the FUDcon Berlin 2009 Poster Video

Here is a video of how we created the FUDcon Berlin 2009 Poster: Download in OGG Theora format (btw, I found out that WordPress is totally lame and won’t allow me to post an HTML 5 video tag. Does anyone know how to get around this?)

FUDcon Berlin Poster

You are now blue:

FUDcon Day 1

Wow, today was quite a busy day! I had a tight schedule but got a lot done. I headed into the conference a little early with Spot and Paul. BTW, Paul really proved he has got some serious artistic chops with the session signs he made! I took a photo survey of the signage as … Continue reading

LinuxTag Day 1

I started my day off with a delicious breakfast of strawberries. There are fresh strawberry booths at various U-Bahn stations in Berlin. So delicious!! Here we are waiting for the train to Messe Berlin, you can see Spot, Greg, Yakov, and Max here: The Fedora booth looks really fantastic! We have some very nice Dell … Continue reading

Berlin Day 0

St. Colmcille brought me from Boston to Dublin. Dublin’s terminal A isn’t great. In fact, I only found one functional power outlet, and it conveniently spanned the entrance of the ladies’ room. I arrived at 5 AM and fought to stay awake as to not miss my flight! St. Ibar took me from Dublin to … Continue reading


(thanks to Zeus for the reminder!)

So you’re looking for a hosting provider?

You may have noticed me flailing about on about trying to find a mail hosting provider. My mail hosting story is very long and drama-filled: A long time ago I relied on Gmail. Then, a not-very-nice person broke into my account and took it over. This was a problem since all my university mail, … Continue reading

What does “paintain” mean?

A couple people have asked me what paintain means. Well, it’s a verb you can use to describe the maintenance of a package that is a pain-in-the-you-know-where to maintain. Hopefully Fedora Community helps take away at least some of the pain of maintaining these packages.


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