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Making Fedora easier to use & the Installer UX redesign

The Point Computers should change peoples’ lives for the better and software freedom is an essential component in doing that. Making Fedora easier to use, I believe, will help because I think Fedora’s values lead to the right approach in meeting our essential need for software freedom. Fedora doesn’t follow a model of: Get lots … Continue reading


This post is just a little bit of thinking about a particular warning dialog in the Fedora installer. There is a ‘just for now,’ simple, low-churn solution to the issue, but the larger problem remains unsolved. I’ve also documented this saga in the Fedora wiki for posterity. It’s what I’ve been looking at over the … Continue reading

Anaconda & Advanced Storage Devices

At FUDcon Berlin I started working on mockups to improve Anaconda’s UI with respect to advanced storage devices. E.g., fibre channel, iSCSI, multipath storage devices, etc. etc. etc. – storage devices beyond simple hard drives in your laptop or in your desktop system case. Right now there are a few concerns for working with these … Continue reading