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Firefox 3.x CSS tip

It seems that Firefox 3.x interprets font sizes a little differently than Firefox 2.x. I found that where I had specified ‘pt’ sizes in stylesheets and it looked fine in Firefox 2.x, they get blown out of proportion and huge in Firefox 3.x. The solution is to use em or ex measurements for fonts. The … Continue reading

More Link Treatments

One point of discussion I had with J5 today around Fedora Community and links is how should you distinguish, in a web application, between links that take you elsewhere within the web application and links that take you “offsite” or outside of the web application. They’re both links, in most cases are full-page load links … Continue reading

Patterns for Expressing Expansion Link Weights in Web Applications

I wanted to give a huge thanks to everyone who responded to my Weighty Asynchronous UI Patterns post – I received a ton of helpful and insightful comments. I’d like to summarize the discussion into a set of patterns for future reference using the feedback you all gave me. So here we go: Formatting “In-Place” … Continue reading

My Krita Tip-of-the-Day for Fedora Users

So the Fedora Art team uses Krita in the production of the graphic for the syslinux splash because syslinux, for some odd reason, only displays 16-bit colorspace graphics properly. (8-bit graphics look really funkified. More info on the syslinux graphics specs are available in the depths of the art team wiki pages.) I noticed today … Continue reading

Weighty Asynchronous UI Patterns

I’ve been working a *lot* on the Fedora Community project lately. I’ve been performing a very lightweight heuristic evaluation of the interface so far, and I ran into one issue that I’d like to address but I’m not 100% how to right now. The issue I’m struggling with right now been an annoyance for me … Continue reading

Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes!

(Thanks to Greg Dekonigsberg for the link to Keds Studio.) <shameless self-promotion> Mango Coconut Yuba Twist Curry with Garlic-Ginger Bok Choi or Italian Tomato & Red Pepper Seitan Cutlets with Linguine sound yummy? Check out Mo+Ray’s Kitchen, my vegetarian food blog with Ray Strode. </shameless self-promotion>

Teaching Kids About Bitmaps and Vectors

My colleague Tracey recently approached me about an event that Red Hat was involved in this past week, where were asked to help introduce 2nd – 5th grade students (7-11 years old) to a topic in engineering and/or technology. We were invited to take part in this event by leading 10-minute sessions to 15 groups … Continue reading