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Trent is awesome but record companies are not

I think probably a lot of people that read my blog are Nine Inch Nails fans so maybe this isn’t news to anyone, but Nine Inch Nails put out a new album of fan remixes of the Year Zero album’s song. The album is a two-disc set that also includes a DVD of the multitrack … Continue reading

More Fedora 8 Media Artwork!

Giacomo Succi (Anadir on IRC), one of the more recent recruits to the Fedora Art Team 🙂 has put together a nice set of designs for your Fedora 8 media! Included are: Another variation of the CD/DVD label A design for a folding paper or cardboard box Insert design for a jewel case Insert design … Continue reading

Bill and Me

Media Labels HowTo

Hey, so it seems some folks had some trouble with the labels I posted before – it’s not easy to work with the SVGs without some Inkscape knowledge since the way I did them they aren’t perfectly sized (there is some padding around them.) So to make it easier for folks to get some nice … Continue reading

F8 Media Labels

Here’s some labels for you to print out to get ready for F8’s release 🙂 DVD x86: [ Inkscape SVG ]  [ glabels file ]  [ PNG ]&nbsp  DVD x86_64: [ Inkscape SVG ]  [ glabels file ]  [ PNG ]&nbsp  DVD ppc: [ Inkscape SVG ]   [ glabels file ]  [ PNG ]&nbsp  Live CD x86: [ Inkscape SVG … Continue reading

spins.fpo bling update & plea for your photos!

Just a quick update on where the blingy spins.fpo is at right now – it’s doubtful it will be ready in time for f8’s release but we’re still making some progress. much much more detail behind the link. and now, a word from our sponsors: we need your photos for the spins.fpo site! please please … Continue reading