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Ideas for a cgroups UI

On and off over the past year I’ve been working with Jason Baron on a design for a UI for system administrators to control processes’ and users’ usage of system resources on their systems via the relatively recently-developed (~2007) cgroups feature of the Linux kernel. After the excitement and the fun that is the Red … Continue reading


This post is just a little bit of thinking about a particular warning dialog in the Fedora installer. There is a ‘just for now,’ simple, low-churn solution to the issue, but the larger problem remains unsolved. I’ve also documented this saga in the Fedora wiki for posterity. It’s what I’ve been looking at over the … Continue reading

Free Interaction Design for your FLOSS Project

Matt Jadud made a blog post yesterday offering up free interaction design for free & open source projects. Wait, wait. Let me repeat that and make it a little bigger, because in the brevity of that sentence you might have missed it’s sheer awesomeness: Matt Jadud is offering up free interaction design for free & … Continue reading