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Zomg EtherPad

So my friend Corey told me about how Google recently bought a company called AppJet who makes this sweet online shared notepad called EtherPad. Google went ahead and released EtherPad under an Apache 2.0 license. Sweet; thanks Google! I could see Gobby hooking into EtherPad – could you? Enjoy some screenshots – and I apologize … Continue reading

Unpackaged Open Font of the Week: Blackout

Blackout is a decorative typeface that uses filled-in sans-serif lettering with a little bit of a grungy feel. Tyler Finck developed the font for his homepage / portfolio which is also a great example treatment of the typeface. It’s a bold and attention-grabbing typeface but it also has some attitude, so you could use it … Continue reading

Unpackaged Open Font of the Week: Selfism

Selfism is a decorative typeface that mimics the look of an electronic display (like an LED clock.) It has both a regular and a bold weight. Selfism’s homepage has an interesting type treatment – in general I think Selfism, as a decorative font, can be used to provide a retro technologically-savvy feel to non-essential text … Continue reading

FUDcon Toronto 2009 (Part 2)

These photos are from 6 December at the Toronto FUDcon this past weekend. After a full day of hackfests, folks started heading out for dinner. A few folks still lingered around having hallway discussions, hacking, and Remy DeCausemaker even did interviews of various contributors (look forward to those getting posted soon!): A group of us … Continue reading

FUDcon Toronto 2009 (Part 1)

Sorry that I haven’t been able to post regular updates – FUDcon Toronto has been a whirlwind of great discussions and a whole lot of fun! Actually we are still on campus at Seneca College right now hacking up a storm and having fun. We had a very impressive Net ‘hackfest’. I also talked a … Continue reading

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Unpackaged Open Font of the Week: Cyklop

Cyklop is a high-contrast sans-serif font. Because this font is so bold and has such high contrast, it would work well in treatments where you would like to call attention to some particular piece of information. For example, if you were designing a poster to hang up on a bulletin board and wanted to catch … Continue reading