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Amen, brother

A great blog post that Jon Masters made today pretty much sums up my frustrations with Fedora. I was really happy to see it! Jon basically lays out four things he’d like to see Fedora do: Slow the updates – they bring too much instability to what is supposed to be a stable release. Set … Continue reading

Autotest Logo

My colleague Lucas Meneghel Rodrigues thought it would be nice for Autotest to have a fancy logo. He came up with a great concept – a robotic arm pulling Tux upwards: He asked me for a bit of help in spicing it up. I came up with a couple of sketches using MyPaint in Fedora: … Continue reading

Fedora Board Meeting 27 August 2010

The meeting today was a public meeting on IRC (#fedora-board-meeting on freenode) and lasted 1 hous. We continued to follow the new meeting format we introduced during the last IRC. The next meeting will be at the same time next Friday, and will be held over the phone. By the way, I missed last week’s … Continue reading

Linux Install Fests at RPI

Luis Ibanez contacted me last week about obtaining Fedora media for a Linux installfest at my alma mater, RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY.) Linux installfests such as this one are actually a great opportunity to expose more college students to Linux. You see, at RPI (since I was a freshman, actually 🙂 ), … Continue reading

Free Interaction Design for your FLOSS Project

Matt Jadud made a blog post yesterday offering up free interaction design for free & open source projects. Wait, wait. Let me repeat that and make it a little bigger, because in the brevity of that sentence you might have missed it’s sheer awesomeness: Matt Jadud is offering up free interaction design for free & … Continue reading website design progressing

So a while back I talked a bit about the website project that the Fedora Websites team has been working on, including the vision behind it and the work that had been done on it up to that point. We received some really great feedback from you on this project, including a really nice … Continue reading

Fedora 14 Artwork Progressing!

So about a month ago I blogged a preview of the Fedora 14 theme, which was designed fo Fedora 14 Alpha. Based on your feedback (mostly that the initial wallpaper was too dark), Kyle Baker came up with a modified version of the wallpaper that is much lighter in color: Kyle B Since then, Federico … Continue reading

Mini-Education Summit LinuxCon Boston 2010

I spent most of last week at LinuxCon helping Spot at the Fedora booth. However, the day before the main conference, Sebastian Dziallas organized a Education Mini-Summit to take place in conjunction with LinuxCon. I gave a talk on the Inkscape class Red Hat has done plus some other related initiatives, including one we are … Continue reading

Fedora Board Meeting 13 August 2010

The meeting today was a public meeting on IRC (#fedora-board-meeting on freenode) and lasted 1.5 hours. It was the first time we tried out a new format. The next meeting will be at the same time next Friday, and will be held over the phone. Log Links Minutes (html) Minutes (text) Log Introduction Matt Domsch … Continue reading

Fedora Board Meeting, 6 Aug 2010

The Fedora Board didn’t meet this week nor the last due to various travel and other events going on. So this was the first Board meeting in a couple of weeks. This week’s meeting was a private phone-based meeting, and it ran a little over an hour. Paul Frields was the meeting secretary and took … Continue reading