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Fedora 10 Artwork Round 2 Deadline

Hi folks, The deadline for round 2 of the Fedora 10 artwork process is 1 September 2008. Work done for round 2 must be associated with one of the concepts that were proposed in round 1. If you’d like your favorite F10 theme proposal to make it through round 3, you must have the following … Continue reading

Another try

(let me know if you want the XCF; I don’t have a good place to upload it right now. The SVG sources for the original gear shapes that Nicu created are available here:

F10 Artwork Round 2: Gears

I played around with Nicu’s artwork for the Gears F10 artwork proposal and came up with a couple of different ideas: GIMP source XCF GIMP source XCF Come join the fun on fedora-art-list! Also, check out the list of proposals we’re working with from round 1.

A thought

conventional food. organic food. proprietary software. free and open source software. Actually I think it’s harder to make an argument for organic food than it is for free & open source software since the latter is most likely to be less costly. (I’m sure the analogy has been made before but I thought it was … Continue reading