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Fedora’s Documentation

Do you use Fedora’s documentation at How often? How do you get there – do you visit it directly, link from, or link from somewhere else? Why do you go to docs.fpo? (Looking to solve a specific problem, looking to learn more in general about a specific part of Fedora, etc.) What do … Continue reading

Inkscape .47 rocks

lkundrak is my hero!

New FAS icon

Following some of the link treatment discussions in my blog earlier, I found we needed a little 16×16 icon to represent FAS in Fedora Community so I whipped one out today. Here it is with its little Fedora infra brother and sister icons: PNGs and Inkscape SVG source available on the Fedora Design team shared … Continue reading

Notes on the User Experience in Open Source Panel at SIGCHI Boston April 2009

These are my notes from an open source & UX panel session I attended last month at SIGCHI Boston. They’re not completely proofread, and I think I may be missing the last part of my notes. But there is some really great material in here and I wanted to post it before I delayed any … Continue reading