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Fedora blogs retirement and how to migrate to

Fedora has offered a hosted blogs system using WordPress MU for the past couple of years of so. Nirik recently announced that the Fedora blogs system is going to be retired on July 1, 2011. Note: just the hosted blog system is being retired. Planet Fedora is of course alive and well and will … Continue reading

Version-controlled, automagical backup and file sharing system with Sparkleshare and Fedora

Photo credit: ardenswayoflife on Flickr, used under a CC-BY-SA 2.0 license. The Burden of files Okay, there’s a lot of problems: Backing up your files is a pain in the butt. Every time you upgrade your system, either in-place or a fresh install, it is a royal hassle to restore your files. That file looks … Continue reading

Design team imageboard test server and WE NEED Fedora 16 theme artists!

Fedora Imageboard Test Server Yesterday with some help from smooge and nb, I set up a Danbooru-style image board to test out, and I am hoping that Fedora artists and designers might play with it and see if it’d be a useful resource. It’s an application called Shimmie. What is an imageboard? It’s a bulletin … Continue reading

Ideas for a cgroups UI

On and off over the past year I’ve been working with Jason Baron on a design for a UI for system administrators to control processes’ and users’ usage of system resources on their systems via the relatively recently-developed (~2007) cgroups feature of the Linux kernel. After the excitement and the fun that is the Red … Continue reading