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Fedora 13 Lightscribe labels

Fedora 13 is out! Nelson Marques and James Findley (siXy) have put together a set of LightScribe disc labels for Fedora 13. I don’t know if there is a way to use them using free software (I don’t have a LightScribe drive) – I know you can use LightScribe’s proprietary app in Fedora to make … Continue reading

Have you voted yet?

Voting in the Fedora Board and Fedora Engineering Steering Committee elections ends in 2 days – on 26 May. Have you voted yet? Feel free to hotlink the image above!

It’s Fedora Election season!

You’ve only got until May 26th to vote in the Fedora elections: elections are open now. This election we are voting on new members of the Fedora Project Board and the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee. Before you vote, you’ll want to read up a bit on the elections to make sure you’re making an informed … Continue reading


So Ray and I were in Harvard Square this past Sunday on a gorgeous weekend in Cambridge, and ended up in the middle of Harvard Square Mayfair. A big annual event at MayFair is the Cambridge Rotary Club’s Chalk on the Walk competition. I lamented that yet again I had forgotten to sign up, but … Continue reading