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shameless font packaging begging again

SMonohand is a cool monospace handwritten font done by dalles on Open Font Library. I saw a presentation today done with a blackboard background using Apple’s Chalkboard font. I think SMonohand might be a good font to do this kind of thing in an open way. It will probably appeal to kids too. Anyone up … Continue reading

spins.fpo mockups

I just finished a full set of mockups for General Spins Pages There’s a set of mockups to provide general information about spins that include a directory of spins, general information about what spins are and why they are used, and instructions on how to download and use them. Specific Spin Details Pages There’s … Continue reading

Designing Designing (Meta Design)

I don’t think I’ve done any design work for the tools I use to make designs. You’d think those would be the UIs I’d be most interested in working in, but somehow it just never happened. My favorite and much beloved design tool is Inkscape and for the most part it just works, I get … Continue reading


Here is real dedication, from my co-worker Thomas Cameron! Do you know anyone with a Fedora tattoo? (Hopefully not the first tattoo created in Inkscape. 🙂 If you are interested in an SVG of the tribal marks let me know.)