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FUDcon Tempe Day 2

Clint’s Fedora through-and-through, from head to toe! Spot pitches his ideas for a Fedora RPG. J5 explains his vision for Fedora Community A large crew of us had lunch at a nearby Greek place. The lightning talks were given in front of a standing-room only packed room. Smooge pulls out his wallet. Back at the … Continue reading

FUDcon Tempe Day 1

Max and the Iowa State mascot. (Paying penance!) So many people…. this picture doesn’t even cover it. So many people at this FUDcon! PULP! Barcamp talk proposals during the kickoff session. Diana’s anthropology report on Fedora. Sebastian and Mel during the Education session. Chris’ talk on cloud management. Dennis and Greg smile for the camera! … Continue reading

Fedora FUDcon Tempe: Meet the Anaconda Team

Here’s my notes from the ‘Meet the Anaconda Team’ session at FUDcon Tempe today. Note that these are notes and not really polished (I apologize, I figured it’s better to post this sooner than wait for perfection lol.) David Cantrell and Chris Lumens started the session by going around the room and introducing everyone on … Continue reading

FUDcon Day 3: Awesome Art Stuff Barcamp Session

So as Nicu mentioned, there was an “Awesome Art Stuff” talk at the FUDcon Zurich barcamp today. We kind of left it open-ended, but since Milan from the Spacewalk team needed a hackergotchi and I had just taken some photos of him for it this morning, I offered a run through of making a hackergotchi … Continue reading

More FUDcon Day 2: FUDpub

Before we left, Jesse tried some Yerba soda which is apparently the preferred choice of German hackers: Then we noticed an odd item in the vending machine on the train platform on the way to FUDpub. Adam is very hopeful: Finally after getting a bit lost, we made it to FUDpub: Finally I was able … Continue reading

More FUDcon Day 1 & FUDcon Day 2

FUDcon Day 1: My Gimp & Inkscape Presentation So I gave my Gimp & Inkscape tutorial session in the afternoon. For the hour that I had I went over by 30 minutes or so, but my very patient audience stuck around (thank you!) 🙂 I had a lot of problems with, because whenever I … Continue reading

FUDcon Day 1: Spot’s Workshop and Lunch

Spot’s Workshop Spot’s workshop on how to make RPM packages had a full-house audience. I was able to create my first-ever working spec file from scratch, hehe. (Usually I only rebuild from SRPMs or make franken-spec files by tainting specs from other packages.) So now I understand a whole lot more what all the different … Continue reading

FUDcon Day 1: FUDcon begins!

My album for photos I’m taking today at FUDcon Zurich is open now; check it throughout the day for updates. 🙂

FUDcon Zurich Day 0

Spot and I took a red eye Wednesday night from Boston via JFK to Zurich; we arrived in Zurich at right around noon on Thursday. I tried to send txt messages to folk; my UK pay-go Vodafone gets a signal from Swisscom but I can’t make or receive calls and text messages. 😦 (Any UK … Continue reading