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Linux Plumbers’ Conference 2010 T-Shirt Design

My co-worker Ric Wheeler asked if I’d be interested in trying my hand at a design for this year’s Linux Plumbers’ Conference T-shirt. I wasn’t quite sure where to start so I asked around for ideas on and it started a great discussion with the ideas I ended up using. One of the ideas … Continue reading

FUDcon Day 3: Awesome Art Stuff Barcamp Session

So as Nicu mentioned, there was an “Awesome Art Stuff” talk at the FUDcon Zurich barcamp today. We kind of left it open-ended, but since Milan from the Spacewalk team needed a hackergotchi and I had just taken some photos of him for it this morning, I offered a run through of making a hackergotchi … Continue reading

More FUDcon Day 2: FUDpub

Before we left, Jesse tried some Yerba soda which is apparently the preferred choice of German hackers: Then we noticed an odd item in the vending machine on the train platform on the way to FUDpub. Adam is very hopeful: Finally after getting a bit lost, we made it to FUDpub: Finally I was able … Continue reading

More FUDcon Day 1 & FUDcon Day 2

FUDcon Day 1: My Gimp & Inkscape Presentation So I gave my Gimp & Inkscape tutorial session in the afternoon. For the hour that I had I went over by 30 minutes or so, but my very patient audience stuck around (thank you!) 🙂 I had a lot of problems with, because whenever I … Continue reading

FUDcon Day 1: Spot’s Workshop and Lunch

Spot’s Workshop Spot’s workshop on how to make RPM packages had a full-house audience. I was able to create my first-ever working spec file from scratch, hehe. (Usually I only rebuild from SRPMs or make franken-spec files by tainting specs from other packages.) So now I understand a whole lot more what all the different … Continue reading

FUDcon Day 1: FUDcon begins!

My album for photos I’m taking today at FUDcon Zurich is open now; check it throughout the day for updates. 🙂

Fedora Board Meetings, 10 Sept 2010 & 13 Sept 2010

It’s another two-meeting Fedora Board meeting update. We have been holding some extra meetings in order to kick behind and take numbers the Board ticket backlog. Here we go: Fedora Board Meeting 10 September 2010 Full meeting minute IRC log: Meeting thread on advisory-board-list: This board meeting was an IRC meeting that took … Continue reading

FUDcon Zurich Day 0

Spot and I took a red eye Wednesday night from Boston via JFK to Zurich; we arrived in Zurich at right around noon on Thursday. I tried to send txt messages to folk; my UK pay-go Vodafone gets a signal from Swisscom but I can’t make or receive calls and text messages. 😦 (Any UK … Continue reading

In Zürich

More to follow 🙂

Fedora Board Meetings, 3 Sept 2010 & 8 Sept 2010

Oh goody gumdrops! You get two, two, two Fedora board meeting updates for the price of one today! Okay, there’s a lot to cover, so here we go…! Fedora Board Meeting 3 September 2010 Full meeting minutes: Meeting thread on advisory-board-list: This board meeting was a phone meeting that took place last Friday … Continue reading