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FUDcon signage & Fedora collateral

FUDcon Signage We needed some signage for FUDcon pretty quickly so I’ve been working on that. Here’s what I came up with: Links to the source files and printer-ready graphics are here, as well as sort of a ‘lessons-learned’ writeup so hopefully the next time we do designs like this we’ll be a bit the … Continue reading

Light Painting

Hm, it’s hard to ‘draw’ when you can’t see what you’re drawing when you’re drawing it. 🙂

Fedora 9 is out! Go get it!

What are you waiting for?

SVG Source

Fedora Stickers

Inkscape source is here (temporarily; I have very little hosting space thanks skvidal!) Now that I have more space, also enjoy the Scribus source for above sticker sheet (with proper Fedora colors) as well as this design for a sheet to be included with Fedora 9 presskit: (PDF behind the link) What do u think?

Colonel Tigh for President

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Cylons for McCain, Meg Muckenhoupt, the Boston Phoenix.