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spins.fpo sitemap

Using the notes ianweller took at the spins discussion at FUDcon, I took a stab at creating a sitemap design for spins.fpo. What do you think? Am I missing anything here? I’m trying to account for browsers, downloaders, developers, volunteer maintainers, build system admins, and reviewers. (click on image below to view full-size sitemap:) The … Continue reading

Creative Commons Artists: Ruth Theodore

I tend to blog mostly about openly-licensed and created-in-FOSS graphic art. I thought for a change of pace I would try to blog about some of my favorite openly-licensed music. “Ruth & Robin” by pintsized, used under a Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike license. Ruth Theodore is an artist I recently discovered exploring the … Continue reading

Beautiful Sunset

It was so striking I went up to the roof of my apartment building to get a few shots. Unfortunately my camera missed the coolest part (bright, bright glow-y blue and orange) but I still got some decent shots.

Neon Graffiti & Misc


Making cool stuff using FOSS software

Scribus really saved me in the past couple of months. I needed to create a bunch of bling to get printed out, including buttons, visors, t-shirts, media sleeves & labels, and signage. I’ve always had trouble with print designs using FOSS software, mainly because of the difficulty of producing files with CMYK color. The F8 … Continue reading

Are You Fedora? (Video 1)

How This Was Done I filmed various folks introducing themselves at FUDcon. I got around 40 or so videos (some were do-overs). 🙂 This video includes the first batch of individual videos I trimmed. I tried to use PiTiVi but the video it exports doesn’t appear to be playable. It crashes when I add an … Continue reading

Live Summit Webcast

As quite a few of my blog readers know, my day job at Red Hat has been working as an interaction designer on Red Hat’s Red Hat Network Satellite product. We are going to have a very important press release about this product momentarily. If you have any interest at all in Linux systems management … Continue reading


It is unnaturally hot here in the Boston area, and it doesn’t appear we will have relief for at least a couple more days. I recently fixed up the Artwork Theming Overview page on the Fedora wiki as the MediaWiki translation didn’t go well for it. A lot more work will need to happen on … Continue reading