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Let me bling your spin!

As recently brought up on fedora-spins list, I wanna bling your spin. 🙂 I need your help, though. Since time is short (I’m hoping to receive the content I need from spins owners by next Friday, 16 Oct), here’s a reminder with some pretty mockups to hopefully provide some motivation. 🙂 Whoah, back up, what’s … Continue reading

Unpackaged Open Font of the Week: m+ fonts

I’ve decided to try to feature one cool unpackaged-in-Fedora but freely-licensed font per week for the foreseeable future. There’s a couple of reasons I’d like to do this: To simply keep up with the freely-licensed font options available, and share them for other designers’ benefit. Since I last did a review of freely-licensed fonts in … Continue reading

more get.fpo redesign mockups

The screens highlighted in blue here show the screens of concern within the structure and which ones I’ve mocked up: The main idea is that we’ve got a main download page that is very pared-down and offers you a single thing to download (aimed at users who want to try out Fedora for the … Continue reading