Christmastime Recycling for Nerds

I made some Christmas cards this year out of found/recycled materials (as much as I could, I ended up having to buy large envelopes to fit them in since they turned out quite large.)

I ended up using some old red tech conference badge lanyards as a snowman’s scarf and for some lining ribbon on a couple of my cards. In fact I think one of the ones I used was from the last Red Hat Summit.

What do you do with your old conference badges and lanyards?

(p.s. here’s one of the cards I made)

About Máirín Duffy

Máirín is a principal interaction designer at Red Hat. She is passionate about software freedom and free & open source tools, particularly in the creative domain: her favorite application is Inkscape. You can read more from Máirín on her blog at blog.linuxgrrl.com.


6 thoughts on “Christmastime Recycling for Nerds

  1. i can has photos?

    Posted by nicubunulj | December 15, 2008, 7:21 am
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