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Hidden Gem in Totem

This morning Nicu sent me a video to show his usage of the GNOME Shell as he promised in response to my GNOME Shell Usability Test Plan. As I was viewing the video in totem I wanted to pause on particular parts of the animation on Nicu’s desktop to try to get a better feel … Continue reading

Are You Fedora? (Video 1)

How This Was Done I filmed various folks introducing themselves at FUDcon. I got around 40 or so videos (some were do-overs). 🙂 This video includes the first batch of individual videos I trimmed. I tried to use PiTiVi but the video it exports doesn’t appear to be playable. It crashes when I add an … Continue reading – Day 0

Hello from Bangalore! Just got back to my lodgings after the first day of! I still have lots of pictures and stuff to upload, but here are a couple of videos I took yesterday of the scenery in Bangalore. I have to say the traffic here is amazing; there doesn’t seem to be any … Continue reading