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It seems like folks had a great time at Flattop Johnny’s. As you can see above, we had some great ideas for Fedora sticker photo poses. 🙂 Pool was played: Moonwalking too: Word!: And of course, there were drinks…: Some people had *TOO* good a time. I guess not everyone can hold their Fedora:

FUDcon Day 2 and Fedora Book Portraits

Organizing the Schedule for the Day: Portraits for the Fedora Book: All the various sets for FUDcon I’m storing here in this collection: FUDCon Boston Jan 2009

FUDcon signage & Fedora collateral

FUDcon Signage We needed some signage for FUDcon pretty quickly so I’ve been working on that. Here’s what I came up with: Links to the source files and printer-ready graphics are here, as well as sort of a ‘lessons-learned’ writeup so hopefully the next time we do designs like this we’ll be a bit the … Continue reading

FUDcon logos – final round

Okay, let’s finish up and get our official FUDcon logo! Here’s what I think are the top 5 FUDcon logos that folks have submitted based on some of the feedback we’ve gotten on-list, on irc, and in my last blog post: This includes submissions from Francesco Fantoni (modified), Nicu Buculei, and some of my own … Continue reading