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Fedora Interview Banner

Just a quick banner design. Crack open the SVG and you can replace the text with any name you’d like. The background was done using the new 3D box tool (a Google Summer of Code project by Maximilian Albert) in the Inkscape .46 preview, now packaged in the devel repo by lkundrak (who is quickly … Continue reading

Fedora General-Purpose Posters Part 2

Thanks to everybody who helped me out with the poster design here in my blog and in fedora-marketing-list. I think this cut is pretty good so if you are willing to translate the poster into another language or if you would simply like to have it printed up, it’s ready now:

Inkscape Tutorial: Sulphur Crystals

Well, due to popular demand, I decided to try my hand at creating a screencast tutorial on how to make the sulphur crystals I made for some of the F9 theme mockups and F9 alpha banners. I hope you enjoy it, let me know if you have any questions about it. I created the video … Continue reading

General-Purpose Fedora Posters

Hello! So, Joerg Simon pointed out to me that we have a need for general-purpose, reusable designs for Fedora posters that can be used at many different events / during different releases of Fedora (so no event-specific release-specific feature-specific etc. notes on them.) This is my first draft at an attempt at this. It is … Continue reading

Sulphur is fun to draw

I really like drawing sulphur in Inkscape. 🙂 I came up with an easy way to do it. Basically you use the star/polygon tool in polygon mode. Set it to make 6- or 7-sided polygons, spoke ratio should be at about .8, rounding should be at 0, crank random up to .17. Then draw a … Continue reading

Fedora 9 Artwork Round 2 Update

For various reasons the Fedora art team has decided to push back the deadline for round 2 theme submissions to February 12, one week back from the original due date of February 5th (today.) We are hopeful that the extra week will give folks the time they need to get their submissions ready. Want to … Continue reading

Fedora 9 Theme

Have a cool idea for a Fedora theme? Ever look at one of the old Fedora themes and think you could do better? Now is the time to propose your ideas for Fedora 9. The deadline is 8 January, 2008. What format do you need to submit your idea in? You need to write a … Continue reading

More Fedora 8 Media Artwork!

Giacomo Succi (Anadir on IRC), one of the more recent recruits to the Fedora Art Team 🙂 has put together a nice set of designs for your Fedora 8 media! Included are: Another variation of the CD/DVD label A design for a folding paper or cardboard box Insert design for a jewel case Insert design … Continue reading

Media Labels HowTo

Hey, so it seems some folks had some trouble with the labels I posted before – it’s not easy to work with the SVGs without some Inkscape knowledge since the way I did them they aren’t perfectly sized (there is some padding around them.) So to make it easier for folks to get some nice … Continue reading

F8 Media Labels

Here’s some labels for you to print out to get ready for F8’s release 🙂 DVD x86: [ Inkscape SVG ]  [ glabels file ]  [ PNG ]&nbsp  DVD x86_64: [ Inkscape SVG ]  [ glabels file ]  [ PNG ]&nbsp  DVD ppc: [ Inkscape SVG ]   [ glabels file ]  [ PNG ]&nbsp  Live CD x86: [ Inkscape SVG … Continue reading