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F10 Artwork Round 2: Gears

I played around with Nicu’s artwork for the Gears F10 artwork proposal and came up with a couple of different ideas: GIMP source XCF GIMP source XCF Come join the fun on fedora-art-list! Also, check out the list of proposals we’re working with from round 1.

FAS mockup

I played around with FAS today while associating my FPO OpenID with my new (FOSS web micro-blogging service; it’s like twitter but Free) and noticed (again) that it uses an old visual design. I played around for a while making a mockup of how it could be revamped to match the rest of the … Continue reading

spins.fpo sitemap

Using the notes ianweller took at the spins discussion at FUDcon, I took a stab at creating a sitemap design for spins.fpo. What do you think? Am I missing anything here? I’m trying to account for browsers, downloaders, developers, volunteer maintainers, build system admins, and reviewers. (click on image below to view full-size sitemap:) The … Continue reading

Neon Graffiti & Misc


Are You Fedora? (Video 1)

How This Was Done I filmed various folks introducing themselves at FUDcon. I got around 40 or so videos (some were do-overs). 🙂 This video includes the first batch of individual videos I trimmed. I tried to use PiTiVi but the video it exports doesn’t appear to be playable. It crashes when I add an … Continue reading


It is unnaturally hot here in the Boston area, and it doesn’t appear we will have relief for at least a couple more days. I recently fixed up the Artwork Theming Overview page on the Fedora wiki as the MediaWiki translation didn’t go well for it. A lot more work will need to happen on … Continue reading

FUDcon signage & Fedora collateral

FUDcon Signage We needed some signage for FUDcon pretty quickly so I’ve been working on that. Here’s what I came up with: Links to the source files and printer-ready graphics are here, as well as sort of a ‘lessons-learned’ writeup so hopefully the next time we do designs like this we’ll be a bit the … Continue reading

SVG Source

something’s burnin’…

Burning sulphur. What do you think? Post a reply here or join the conversation on fedora-art-list! The SVG is available if you wanna poke at it! (inspired by “Sulfur burning at night” by Johannes Hemmerlein at Wiki Media Commons.)

Bling banners The content area on right now is not that blingy. Due to particular bandwidth issues, we put small screenshots up that are less interesting than they could be if they were a bit larger. Here’s an idea for a replacement; I think it would be cool to have large banners like … Continue reading