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I know. I *know*.

I couldn’t help it. I’m a girl. I gotta work on the hair though… Done in Gimp 2.7.0 with a Wacom tablet on Fedora 12.

Want to learn design skills? Want to help Fedora? Fedora Interaction Design Hackfest, Tuesday 24 Nov

Hopefully my post title has captured your attention. 🙂 I would like to let you know about a project starting up right now that is a great opportunity for you to: Learn about how interaction design is done. Pick up some interaction design and user research skills. Get involved in an open design project. Help … Continue reading

New Fedora Spins site with Fedora 12

With the release of Fedora 12 we’ve given the a bit of a facelift. 🙂 (What did it look like before? Pre-facelift I wanted to tell the tale of this redesign to show how we did it, together as a community, and also to give kudos to the many folks who pitched in … Continue reading

IT’S HERE!!!!!!


Gimp 2.7.0 x86_64 packages for Fedora 12

The lure of layer groups drove me to build F12 RPMs for Gimp 2.7.0 last night. However, I was not to get that new sparkly pink pony for my stable, as layer groups are not in 2.7.0. That being said, there’s still some interesting tweaks (one I noticed was brush filtering, another was a very … Continue reading

Fedora 12 One-Page Release Notes PDF

We’ve [1] been working on a set of one-page release notes for Fedora 12, and now that those are set I took some time today to put them into a single PDF file. However, there are 3 pages…! So, for your event, you might like to print out two sets of release notes: Page 1 … Continue reading

Friday fun with tablets!

Fedora 12 rocks on tablets, so Nicu, Kushal, and María decided to start a Friday fun tablet meme – draw a kindergarten style house. 🙂 Of course I couldn’t resist, so here is my house! FOUR MORE DAYS!

Getting Ready for F12: Media Sleeves and Labels

Fedora 12 is not out yet, no. However, thanks in a big part to Luya being on the ball and getting started on the media artwork, and with his help, we have put together a full set of Fedora 12 media artwork. So now you can have a head start at getting your media all … Continue reading

Fedora 12 rocks on tablets

(That’s Fedora 12 Beta’s Inkscape on my Thinkpad x61 with a built-in Wacom digitizer in the photo. Photo credit David Aquilina, CC-BY-3.0) Got a tablet, or want to get one, but not sure it’s going to work out in Linux? Here’s how my Thinkpad x61’s built-in Wacom tablet works in Fedora 12 Beta: Tablet pressure … Continue reading

Get to know a Fedora Ambassador or User

We’ve got a meme! Name: Máirín “Mo” Duffy IRC nickname: mizmo IRC channels: #fedora-design, #fedora-art, #fedora-admin, #fedora-mktg, #fedora-devel on freenode; #fedora-desktop on GIMPnet Location: Boston, Massachusetts USA