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FUDcon Day 1: Spot’s Workshop and Lunch

Spot’s Workshop Spot’s workshop on how to make RPM packages had a full-house audience. I was able to create my first-ever working spec file from scratch, hehe. (Usually I only rebuild from SRPMs or make franken-spec files by tainting specs from other packages.) So now I understand a whole lot more what all the different … Continue reading

FUDcon Day 1: FUDcon begins!

My album for photos I’m taking today at FUDcon Zurich is open now; check it throughout the day for updates. 🙂

In Zürich

More to follow 🙂

Autotest Logo

My colleague Lucas Meneghel Rodrigues thought it would be nice for Autotest to have a fancy logo. He came up with a great concept – a robotic arm pulling Tux upwards: He asked me for a bit of help in spicing it up. I came up with a couple of sketches using MyPaint in Fedora: … Continue reading

Engaged ♥

Ray and I are engaged.

Some www.fpo header mockups

I worked through these redesign header mockups today with Sijis’ feedback. I’m really liking the last one, #7. 🙂 Sometimes you just have to keep trying, keep experimenting, until you discover something that works. The problem we were trying to solve here was having two competing navigation bars, and placing the navbar in such … Continue reading

Unpackaged Open Font: Comfortaa

Comfortaa is a sans-serif typeface created by Johan Aakerlund, a young and very talented, self-taught font designer from Denmark who has been creating fonts for around 2 years now. I asked Johan what inspired him to create Comfortaa, and he responded, “What really got me interested in fonts in the first place was actually a … Continue reading

Fedora websites design status

While the Fedora Design team and Fedora Websites team along with the Fedora Board have been working towards a completely updated web presence for Fedora over the past couple of releases, I wanted to give a bit of a summary of what’s happened so far, provide you a bit of an update on our current … Continue reading

Some Geeky comics

Well, the Red Hat Summit & JBoss World ended today. It was an extremely busy week and very busy couple of weeks leading up to it for me. I absolutely love going to and getting involved with this event though. You get to meet brilliant people from all over in one place, learn about the … Continue reading

Fedora 13 Lightscribe labels

Fedora 13 is out! Nelson Marques and James Findley (siXy) have put together a set of LightScribe disc labels for Fedora 13. I don’t know if there is a way to use them using free software (I don’t have a LightScribe drive) – I know you can use LightScribe’s proprietary app in Fedora to make … Continue reading