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Fedora Board Meeting, 6 Aug 2010

The Fedora Board didn’t meet this week nor the last due to various travel and other events going on. So this was the first Board meeting in a couple of weeks. This week’s meeting was a private phone-based meeting, and it ran a little over an hour. Paul Frields was the meeting secretary and took … Continue reading

Creating UI Mockups in Inkscape Video Tutorial

Tonight I received an email from Eduardo Villagrán Morales, a Fedora ambassador from Chile. He wrote, I read your post “Some http://www.fpo header mockups.” I want know what tools you use to create mockups. As I told Eduardo, I use Inkscape running on Fedora as my primary mockup tool, with some help from Gimp for … Continue reading

Some www.fpo header mockups

I worked through these redesign header mockups today with Sijis’ feedback. I’m really liking the last one, #7. 🙂 Sometimes you just have to keep trying, keep experimenting, until you discover something that works. The problem we were trying to solve here was having two competing navigation bars, and placing the navbar in such … Continue reading front page redesign mockup #1

So as part of the ongoing website redesign project, I’ve been working on mockups for a new front page. Here’s the rough sitemap I’ve drawn up for the work: As you can see, a lot of thought has been put into the home page and articles features on it (sections 1-5). I haven’t … Continue reading

Second Fedora Design Bounty Ninja identified!

I am quite happy to report that we have identified our second Fedora Design Bounty Ninja: Emily Dirsh!! Emily responded to our second Fedora Design Bi-Weekly Bounty – a slide template project – shortly after introducing herself on the Design Team’s mailing list. Emily put together a new default slide template for Fedora presentations, using … Continue reading redesign post-mortem

On Post-Mortems “Post-mortem!” you exclaim, “how ghoulish!” Well, yeah. The term is usually used for meetings and discussions about how well a software release went after it’s out the door, at least on som of the teams I’ve worked on (greets to my tacos!) So, anyway, here is a post-mortem examination of the new http://get.fedoraproject.orgContinue reading

Fedora websites design status

While the Fedora Design team and Fedora Websites team along with the Fedora Board have been working towards a completely updated web presence for Fedora over the past couple of releases, I wanted to give a bit of a summary of what’s happened so far, provide you a bit of an update on our current … Continue reading Website Design

The vision for Fedora has a lot of local community websites. A somewhat recent addition to the mix is Fedora’s local community domain program, whereby a local Fedora community can obtain a * domain to point to their self-hosted website. In the midst of a thread on the advisory-board mailing list, it became clear … Continue reading

Fedora Board Meeting, 16 July 2010

Last Meeting The Fedora Board did not meet last week – the meeting was cancelled due to the transition of leadership between Paul and Jared. Let me give you a quick update on the action items from last meeting: jds2001 to help skvidal with tech side of FAS account name displayed per planet user as … Continue reading

Fedora 14 Theme Preview

The chosen theme At last week’s design team meeting, we made a decision about the direction of the overall theme for Fedora 14’s artwork, which will affect – among other things – the default wallpaper. We decided on Kyle Baker’s submission, a Blender-created mockup depicting many lines coming together to form a solid figure, to … Continue reading