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Preparing for Fedora’s SXSW Debut

Fedora is going to have a booth at the South-by-Southwest (SXSW) music, film, and interactive conference expo in Austin, TX in just a little over a couple of weeks now. Why are we going? Well, our plan is on the Fedora wiki, but my main goal in attending is to promote free software to all … Continue reading

FUDcon Tempe Day 2

Clint’s Fedora through-and-through, from head to toe! Spot pitches his ideas for a Fedora RPG. J5 explains his vision for Fedora Community A large crew of us had lunch at a nearby Greek place. The lightning talks were given in front of a standing-room only packed room. Smooge pulls out his wallet. Back at the … Continue reading

FUDcon Tempe Day 1

Max and the Iowa State mascot. (Paying penance!) So many people…. this picture doesn’t even cover it. So many people at this FUDcon! PULP! Barcamp talk proposals during the kickoff session. Diana’s anthropology report on Fedora. Sebastian and Mel during the Education session. Chris’ talk on cloud management. Dennis and Greg smile for the camera! … Continue reading

Fedora FUDcon Tempe: Meet the Anaconda Team

Here’s my notes from the ‘Meet the Anaconda Team’ session at FUDcon Tempe today. Note that these are notes and not really polished (I apologize, I figured it’s better to post this sooner than wait for perfection lol.) David Cantrell and Chris Lumens started the session by going around the room and introducing everyone on … Continue reading

Hotdog Love

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Fedora Board Blog

The Fedora Board now has a blog of its own. I had been doing some Board meeting summaries here in my own blog, but that’s not a good long-term solution so with the help of Sijis & Fedora Infrastructure, the Fedora Board now has a shared blog. That being said, I goofed when I originally … Continue reading


This post is just a little bit of thinking about a particular warning dialog in the Fedora installer. There is a ‘just for now,’ simple, low-churn solution to the issue, but the larger problem remains unsolved. I’ve also documented this saga in the Fedora wiki for posterity. It’s what I’ve been looking at over the … Continue reading

Fedora Installation User Experience Improvements & Syslinux

Over the past couple of days I’ve been working with the Anaconda team trying to figure out how provide a better experience in syslinux. This is a work-in-progress, but here is some of the background, discussion that’s taken place so far, and where things are at currently. Background So we’ve been wanting to revamp the … Continue reading

Fedora Board Meetings, 12 & 15 Nov 2010

The Fedora Board meeting schedule works as follows: Every Monday, the Board will meet via phone at 2 PM Eastern time (1900 UTC atm). Every other Friday (the next one is this Friday, 12 Nov), the Board will hold a public ‘office hours’ style questions & answers session in #fedora-board-meeting at 2 PM Eastern time. … Continue reading

Fedora Board Meeting, 8 Nov 2010

Just as a quick reminder, the Fedora Board has been following a new schedule over the past month or so. This new schedule works as follows: Every Monday, the Board will meet via phone at 2 PM Eastern time (1900 UTC atm). Every other Friday (the next one is this Friday, 12 Nov), the Board … Continue reading