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Máirín is a principal interaction designer at Red Hat. She is passionate about software freedom and free & open source tools, particularly in the creative domain: her favorite application is Inkscape. You can read more from Máirín on her blog at
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FUDcon Day 1: FUDcon begins!

My album for photos I’m taking today at FUDcon Zurich is open now; check it throughout the day for updates. 🙂

Fedora Board Meetings, 10 Sept 2010 & 13 Sept 2010

It’s another two-meeting Fedora Board meeting update. We have been holding some extra meetings in order to kick behind and take numbers the Board ticket backlog. Here we go: Fedora Board Meeting 10 September 2010 Full meeting minute IRC log: Meeting thread on advisory-board-list: This board meeting was an IRC meeting that took … Continue reading

FUDcon Zurich Day 0

Spot and I took a red eye Wednesday night from Boston via JFK to Zurich; we arrived in Zurich at right around noon on Thursday. I tried to send txt messages to folk; my UK pay-go Vodafone gets a signal from Swisscom but I can’t make or receive calls and text messages. 😦 (Any UK … Continue reading

In Zürich

More to follow 🙂

Fedora Board Meetings, 3 Sept 2010 & 8 Sept 2010

Oh goody gumdrops! You get two, two, two Fedora board meeting updates for the price of one today! Okay, there’s a lot to cover, so here we go…! Fedora Board Meeting 3 September 2010 Full meeting minutes: Meeting thread on advisory-board-list: This board meeting was a phone meeting that took place last Friday … Continue reading redesign update

So it’s been a while, a month really, since I’ve given you an update on the Fedora website redesign. Well, in the past month Fedora design ninja Jef van Schendel and I have been cranking out mockups and Sijis Aviles has been doing an awesome job making the mockups a reality and getting things into … Continue reading

Sweet Caroline

Caroline’s Identity Crisis Remember Caroline Casual-User? After speaking with some of you after the last blog post, I think I may have misrepresented her in terms of Fedora’s target user. (The LUNIX joke was really bad, serving only to confound.) Hopefully folks from the Fedora Board who were involved in the creation of the target … Continue reading

A story about updates and people

A bit of discussion about update policy in Fedora has been brewing lately and I’ve been reading and thinking (and stewing and moaning and wringing my hands) about the discussion a lot. I noticed a few archetypes in the positions taken throughout the discussions: Caroline Casual-User Why should we care about what Caroline has to … Continue reading

Amen, brother

A great blog post that Jon Masters made today pretty much sums up my frustrations with Fedora. I was really happy to see it! Jon basically lays out four things he’d like to see Fedora do: Slow the updates – they bring too much instability to what is supposed to be a stable release. Set … Continue reading

Autotest Logo

My colleague Lucas Meneghel Rodrigues thought it would be nice for Autotest to have a fancy logo. He came up with a great concept – a robotic arm pulling Tux upwards: He asked me for a bit of help in spicing it up. I came up with a couple of sketches using MyPaint in Fedora: … Continue reading