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Fedora 14 Theme Preview

The chosen theme At last week’s design team meeting, we made a decision about the direction of the overall theme for Fedora 14’s artwork, which will affect – among other things – the default wallpaper. We decided on Kyle Baker’s submission, a Blender-created mockup depicting many lines coming together to form a solid figure, to … Continue reading

Fedora Design Bounty: Fedora slide deck template

The Fedora Design Team Bi-weekly Bounty is a bi-weekly (well, at least monthly! 😉 ) blog post where we’ll outline a quick-and-easy design project that needs doing for the Fedora Community, outlining all the tools, files, and other resources you’ll need to complete the project. If you’re a designer and are interested in getting involved … Continue reading

Fedora Board Meeting, 2 Jul 2010

I’m going to try my best to blog Fedora Board meetings as much as I can. Given this took me quite a bit of time, I’m not sure I can do it every time but I will definitely give it my best shot. Please let me know what you think about blogging Fedora Board meetings … Continue reading