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Friday fun with tablets!

Fedora 12 rocks on tablets, so Nicu, Kushal, and María decided to start a Friday fun tablet meme – draw a kindergarten style house. 🙂 Of course I couldn’t resist, so here is my house! FOUR MORE DAYS!

Getting Ready for F12: Media Sleeves and Labels

Fedora 12 is not out yet, no. However, thanks in a big part to Luya being on the ball and getting started on the media artwork, and with his help, we have put together a full set of Fedora 12 media artwork. So now you can have a head start at getting your media all … Continue reading

Unpackaged Font of the Week: Comic Serif Pro

Comic Serif Pro is another fun font – it’s a slab serif font useful for headlines and other creative treaments – including comic books. 🙂 I actually found out about the font from my ever-awesome fellow FOSS artist pal Ryan Lerch, who showed me a comic mockup he’d made using it. I contacted the creator, … Continue reading

Fedora 12 rocks on tablets

(That’s Fedora 12 Beta’s Inkscape on my Thinkpad x61 with a built-in Wacom digitizer in the photo. Photo credit David Aquilina, CC-BY-3.0) Got a tablet, or want to get one, but not sure it’s going to work out in Linux? Here’s how my Thinkpad x61’s built-in Wacom tablet works in Fedora 12 Beta: Tablet pressure … Continue reading

Get to know a Fedora Ambassador or User

We’ve got a meme! Name: Máirín “Mo” Duffy IRC nickname: mizmo IRC channels: #fedora-design, #fedora-art, #fedora-admin, #fedora-mktg, #fedora-devel on freenode; #fedora-desktop on GIMPnet Location: Boston, Massachusetts USA

Unpackaged Open Font of the Week: Sniglet

Sniglet is a fun rounded, sans-serif font useful for headlines and other creative treaments. The font was created by Haley Fiege, and it supports a full Latin character set including accent marks (Haley notes both Icelandic and French are supported.) (P.S. Haley’s got some other great fonts for sale on that you might want … Continue reading

Planet can be annoying.

WordPress posted a draft a week early by accident. Planet will not forget unless I keep that post but erase the content. So here I am replacing that post with random content to get the posted-too-early post off Planet. 🙂

Spins Bling Update

Thanks to the feedback you gave me on the last Spins bling post, I’ve been able to make some updates and adjustments to some of the Spins banners. The artwork for the Education spin banner was pretty sad, so I updated it with artwork from María’s awesome Education SIG wallpaper: BrOffice’s name was too grey … Continue reading