Help us Brainstorm to make Fedora Community better!

UPDATED: Thanks to everybody who attended the brainstorm; we got a lot of great ideas! Check out the IRC log and our notes from the meeting.

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We’re going to have an open brainstorming session on where Fedora Community could go in the future. If you’ve got cool ideas you’d like to suggest or if you’d just like to join in the fun, the session is starting in less than an hour – 11 AM eastern US time (15:00 UTC).

We’ll have a Gobby session, a Fedora talk session, and IRC available for the brainstorm. Here’s the details from Spot’s announcement of this session:

  • Gobby joining instructions – the document we’ll be working on is “Fedora Community Brainstorm”
  • IRC: #moksha on irc.freenode.net (we’ll be watching and taking
    questions from the channel)
  • Telephone: This is where we’ll be doing the talking:
    • US Toll-Free: 800-451-8679
    • Conference Code: 22717 79826

    (If you need an international dial-in number, let us know in IRC and we may be able to provide it.)
    Please be kind and mute your line if you’re not asking a question. If
    the noise on the call becomes unbearable, I will mute everyone. 🙂

Hope to see you there!

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