FOSS.in Day 1

I spent the morning of Day 1 at FOSS.in at GNOME project day.

I was pretty excited to meet Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay and Runa Bhattacharjee in person finally. :) Sankarshan’s encouragement is one of the main reasons I decided to try to submit my talks to FOSS.in (Anne Østergaard’s encouragement is another :) )

We started off the day handing out flyers for the GNOME project day since we were competing with the Mozilla project day for audience members. We drummed up a decent-sized audience and then Sankarshan gave a nice introductory talk for the day, and then I gave a talk on how artists and designers may contribute to GNOME. (Slides available here!)

I think my first talk went pretty well. It was followed with many questions which is always a good sign I think. :) We also got to hand out lots of GNOME swag – t-shirts, buttons, and stickers.

Then Lennart gave a very interesting talk on zeroconf. Actually, I really liked how he talked about the differences between zeroconf and upnp because that is one of those things that always confused me.

Finally, Shreyas gave a talk about clutter, which was, as talks about clutter are apt to be, full of pretty eye-candy. :)

In the afternoon, myself, spot, James Morris, Rusty Russell, and Harald Welte went into town around MG Road, which is a big shopping area in Bangalore. We went to a pretty cool bookstore, arts/crafts store, and had some coffee.


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